Monday, April 20, 2009

these wounds are self inflicted

So last night, I made all my old dance costumes into ridiculous clothing. My old magenta tutu decided that it wanted to be a crinoline or high-waisted skirt when it grew up, and in order to do that, I had to tone down the ridicutwee a BIT and remove a couple layers. So as a result, I had all this extra tulle. What did I do with it? Why, made hair accessories of course! Here's my dirty hipster headband. It was much ridiculed and maligned and even pulled off my head a few times by a couple of very rude estudiantes, but I remained brave in the face of adversity. I maintain that this headband is .. everything, let Blair Waldorf tell you.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing the bow I made. There will be pictures of that too, don't worry!

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Nice and Shiny said...

I totally chopped up a tutu for my haloween costume last year, it was so sad! Then I wore this ballet skirt to a concert a while back, it was awesome!
Love to see what you came of with, revaming the old memories!