Friday, March 6, 2009

um say what?!

uhm, people, not to be forward or anything but LADY GAGA OMIGOD.

i mean will you look at this?

and this?

and jesus, look at this!! (sorry, she doesn't let you embed this one.)

i mean, it is one thing that the woman does not wear pants, which is ballsy and oh my god you guys her legs. but it is completely another thing to be poppy and dance-y and radio-able but also to be a total badass and not a stupid popstar. (i'm looking at you, DESTINY HOPE CYRUS.)
i don't typically like this type of music, but you guys. you guys, how can you not? (if you're gonna be a pessimistic poop in the comments then DO NOT ANSWER THIS I DO NOT NEED YOUR NEGATIVITY.)
also, would you like to see my art? i think you do.
i derived this from the miss dior cherie ad, it was for an assignment that turned out to have to do with nature, so i couldn't turn this one in. fuck you, nature. i hate drawing flowers and shit.

what do you think? yes? no? i'm going to try and stop vomiting on the keyboard long enough to tell you what i think of this drawing? hit me up, yo.

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