Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i ain't no hollaback girl.

I've decided to discuss my penchant for red lipstick.
Now, a lot of people at my school say red lipstick is my trademark. And ordinarily, I'd jump all over the chance to have a trademark, like a Jewish boy (we'll get to that later, don't you worry). But in this case it just doesn't feel right, seeing as I stole the crap out of that idea from Gwen Stefani, who is my favorite singer ever. I lucked out, though, because according to my friends, my mother, and my Spanish teacher, I am so pale that the deep red lipstick I choose (Rimmel's "Ravish", in case you're wondering) looks really good on me. I started wearing it back in November after my dress rehearsals for Sweeney Todd. The deep deep red was costume makeup, but everybody said it looked good on me, so I decided to induct it into my everday routine. I think it sets me apart from my glossy compadres.
Now, about the Jewish boy thing...
I've just realized every guy, celebrity or otherwise, I've had a crush on, has been Jewish or at least half Jewish. I think this means that my type is just Jew. Which is weird because I'm not religious or anything, I don't know why. Actually I have an inkling. But promise you won't call me racist. I just seem to like those skinny, nerdy hipster boys, and a good percentage of them seem to be Jewish. I'm not doing stereotypes! Shut up! Don't judge me!
You guys should comment me, that was fun times when you did that and I miss it.

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