Saturday, December 6, 2008

are you finished with those errands?

Today was Saturday. Errand Day. Ahh, sweet shopping. Yes indeed.
First, though, I had to watch Drake and Josh's Christmas movie thing. It, as I suspected, was completely hilarious. It's way more funny without that annoying laugh track. They say the word "nipple". It was awesome. Those boys are good comedic actors, and not bad to look at either. :3
I had to go to get an interview from the head priest guy for my confirmation. Being agnostic, I was fully prepared to tell him that I really don't believe in God and I'm opposed to the idea of religion in general. But something about being in The House Of The Lord makes you wanna lie like all get-out. I lied like it was the Annual Liars' Convention In Liartown, USA, and I was going for the blue ribbon in the Lying Competition. I told him I prayed. Every night. I only pray facetiously. I am so going to Hell if it exists. If it doesn't, my fertilizer remains will grow themselves into a really ugly tree. That dogs pee on. Frequently.
I got this one book at the library, and somebody left a note in it. It says:
"Dear Paper Towns Reader,
I think this book amazing. It's one of the best books I've ever read. I think you will fell the same. John Green leaves you crying on one page and laughing on the next, you just can't stop reading! You'll be done with it before you know it!

I had several reactions to this:
1. That is extremely cute and I probably will start doing this.
2. How old are you? Learn grammar, for crying out loud.
3. This book better be good with that kind of buildup.
4. Actually I think "I think this book amazing" might actually be accepted grammar. But nobody talks like that. I think it awkward.
It was kind of cool, though. The only other things I've found in library books have been bookmarks with pandas on them (that I kept) and shopping lists (that I read and laughed at. Cantaloupe? Who eats cantaloupe? Ha ha ha ha).
Then I went to Super Wal-Mart because my jeweled Hello Kitty keychain broke and I need super-glue so I can make it into a necklace. Also, I needed nail polish and more lipstick, because I'm now doing my lips darker. I look sexy. And a little like a vampire.
When I parked there was this gangsta-lookin' dude in the car next to me, sitting in the front seat and playing Game Boy Advance. When I came out, he was still there. I thought he was waiting for someone, but I was shopping for like a half hour or forty-five minutes. Plus it was 25 degrees outside. Still, he was kind of wise to not have gone in, because as always, it was a madhouse, and as always, the employees creeped me out.


Anonymous said...

This post was amazing! It's one of the best posts I've ever read!!

What's up with the Hello Kitty key chain? That has got to go. STAT!

Kat said...

What's wrong with Hello Kitty? Is it simply her ubiquitousness that causes the backlash? (And no it did not take me 10 and a half minutes to type "ubiquitousness")
Because I understand that I guess, that's why I hate Twilight.

And the keychain *did* go. When it broke.

Johnny Virgil said...

"But something about being in The House Of The Lord makes you wanna lie like all get-out."


Also, why is my verification word "suckina." How does google know my highschool nickname?

Google knows all.

Kat said...

That reminds me for some reason of something.

My 8th grade homeroom teacher once said his nickname in college was "Hot Chocolate" (he was black).

Then two years later he was fired for basically just being a creep.