Wednesday, June 24, 2009

why i love gabby

@quirkyandco: i'm going soon to look at college. Maybe i'll see if there's a place in philly I can observe? Eh? Eh?

THIS IS GOING TO BE COOL I haven't been down to philly since I was 6 and it was hot as a jogger's nutsack as I recall

@artykat dude. do it. then you can like come to my home and my mother will nurture you with lasagna.

That's what my aunt rita did when I was there last...i'm so going to look up schools tomorrow

@artykat i think it's funny how you have not replied to me this whole time so it just looks like you are rambling to yourself. silly girl.

@quirkyandco: ... Oh. Yeah. Well. That was...on purpose.

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