Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you like?

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And now, without further ado, Kat's Summer List.

1. get really tan

2. go to the beach a lot

3. meet hot guys

4. go to shows

5. hang out with my school friends

7. have sleepovers

8. get a job

9. go outside every day

10. play in the rain

11. get a slip n slide

12. get more converse

13. make dinner more

14. facebook less

15. work out

16. ride my bike a lot

17. learn to drive finally

18. conquer fear of rollercoasters

19. be able to do a split

20. take a class for fun

21. be in a non-school play

22. make my blog famous

23. talk to tavi and gabby more

24. learn that "nations of the world" song from animaniacs

25. straighten my hair less

25. let my hair go back to its natural color

26. pierce something (most likely my nose)

27. hang out with andrew, corinne, and caitlin

28. make vlogs

29. have a party

30. get more into music

32. watch parks and recreation

33. learn to knit

So there you have it. 33 things I will do this summer. Make your summer lists now! That means you, Tavi, Gabby, Karl, and anonymous others!

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Gabby said...

23. aww shucks.