Monday, December 22, 2008

mr. slave dies. oh jesus christ.

Okay, so this entry is going to showcase how fucking stupid I am, so be warned if you thought I was some kind of girl genius before.

Now that the two of you who thought that are briefed, let me begin.
Well, since it's six degrees and snowing balls outside, we had a snow day today. I decided to spend my snow day in the hot tub eating chocolate frosting. Now, I always text in the tub. It's fun and it makes me feel like one of those Gossip Girl...girls. But today I had a case of the dropsies, so to speak. Namely, I dropsied my phone, Mr. Slave, into the tub.
He was only underwater for like four or five seconds, but I am so goddamn retarded that I picked my phone up, saw that it was still okay, though the light on the screen was flickering a bit, and proceeded to answer the text before powering my phone off and removing the battery.
So I'm hoping that I'm not, you know, totally fucked or anything. I probably am, but still. I can use my Christmas money to buy a new phone if need arises.

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