Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today i got in school suspension.

why, you ask? did i bring a gun to school? cuss out the teacher? wear a shirt with swear words on it? rape someone?

nope, my skirt was two inches too short.

fucking yes.

okay, let's get out of the way the fact that i am five foot nine. i'm freakish. there's nothing i can do- no pants fit me, and evidently no skirts fit me either.

apparently i was SUCH a hazard to other peoples' learning process that i had to be quarantined.

well, FUCK YOU, administration. seriously. what the FUCK is so wrong with my skirt being a little short? do you object to seeing my paper-colored, straw-thin legs? you think i do a little two-dollar sucky-suck glory hole ho action in the bathroom stalls? WHAT is so serious about my skirt being a teeny bit too short? it wasn't egregiously short. just two fucking inches. probably an inch and a half.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. i hope you get a fat dildo in your ass one day. when you do, REMEMBER ME MOTHERFUCKER.

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